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From Angeshwar Deepak <>
Subject Problem in using property
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 09:41:16 GMT

I am using a foreach which passes the param to an ant

<foreach list="logging" target="test.loop"
param="loop.var" inheritall="true"

<target name="test.loop">
   <echo message="TEST1: loop.var=${loop.var}" />
   <property name="loops.var" value="${loop.var}" />
   <antcall target="init-props1" />

<!--I am calling another target where the property is

<target name="init-props1">
<echo>*Project home: ${loops.var}*</echo>

The problem is I want to pass the value of property to
another target without using a <antcall target...
because in some other ant target I am using depend
for e.g.

<antcall target="examine-proj" />

<target name="examine-proj" depends="init-props1">

So the init-props1 runs first and only then
examine-proj, so this will result in a infinite loop,
examine-proj will be called which calls again
init-props1 and so on.

So I want the param value property from foreach to be
accessible everywhere. How can this be done?

Somebody suggest some solution.

with regards,

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