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From "Inger, Matthew" <>
Subject RE: pros and cons!
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 13:29:02 GMT
On your cons:

1.  I disagree that it's not as powerful as batch/shell scripts.
    In fact, given that you can run any os command, I think it's more
    powerful.  And there are some external tasks allowing you to run scripts
    in an arbitrary command interperator

2.  The reasoning i usually get when asking this question is that loops,
    can complicate the script, and are against the philosophy of what ANT is
    to be.  It's not "supposed" to be a scripting language.  That being
said, there are
    3rd party tasks that can deal with conditionals in a more programatic
    (such as <if>), and perform looping (<foreach>).

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From: Robert Mark Bram []
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2004 9:26 AM
To: Ant
Subject: Ant: pros and cons!

Hi All,

I am writing an intro for ANT and I want to justify why it is such a  
useful tool.

Some may find the statements below provocative: they are meant to be. I  
want to find out if and/or why they are untrue. This is a learning process  
for me too!

  - Ant is a Java based build tool. Like java, it is platform independent.
  - It has a large variety of common tasks already catered for.
  - It is extensible: not that hard to create your own tasks.

  - It is not as powerful as batch/shell scripts. If you are not regularly  
using different OS's, why bother?
  - It is not designed to offer decision or looping structures as easily as

they are offered in batch/shell scripts? Why?

Do you have any pros/cons to add? Any thoughts on what I have listed?
Any comments would be most appreciated!


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