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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: optional task jars
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 22:26:04 GMT
> From: Nicolas Mailhot []
> > I much prefer the normal Ant distro myself, on any platform. --DD
> Well obviously a CVS-controlled centralized platform-independent Ant is
> restricted to a limited number of people. And (I'm not judging you, life
> is not perfect, sometime meeting targets means taking ugly shortcuts)
> you took the cheap way out - identifying the problem in the distribution
> ant and getting it fixed upstream would have been better for everyone in
> the long run.

This is I guess where we disagree. I don't find any problem in the official
Ant distro. It works for me everywhere. I don't see any ugly shortcuts
either. This is a solution that works across a company to provide an
appropriate Ant version for all platforms necessary. Anybody can put Ant,
supercharged with a few AntLibs, under SCM system and share it across
developers. I'd be suspicious of any commercial shops using Ant not doing
that for that matter.

>From the little I understand of this Linux-specific repackaging of Ant, I
see a Linux specific solution, which appears to me must be implemented
correctly on every developer's Linux box. When I contrast this to simply
updating a build tools CVS sandbox, on any platform, well, I don't see this
as an improvement. But it's all probably because I'm Linux illiterate, and
I'm missing something obviously. Just shows me how ignorant I am, and how
much more learning I have to do ;-) --DD

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