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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: How to "stringify" path ref to call command-line app?
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2004 13:41:42 GMT
> From: Maurice Feskanich [mailto:Maurice.Feskanich@Sun.COM]
> Have you tried assigning it to a property?
> <property name="somename" refid="pathref"/>
> ${somename} should now give you the stringified classpath.
> It is my understanding that this is exactly what the refid
> attribute of property is for.

Has been working for <fileset> IDs forever I can remember, but this has only
recently been extended to <path>, and you might not get it in a form that's
suitable. For older Ant versions, you'll get Object.toString, i.e. something
like <classname>@<systemid>. <pathconvert> with ${file.separator} and
${path.separator} (no targetos needed) is the canonical answer. --DD

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