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From Stebick David <>
Subject includesfile sanity check
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 23:53:04 GMT
Ok, I'm not entirely new to Ant but this problem has got a hold on me.  The
buildscripts I'm using work fine on Windows XP with Ant 1.6.1.  When I go to
run them on Solaris UNIX with ant 1.6.1, I get the following error.  I'm
also included the code that it is failing on.  The files does exist that it
is asking for, and it doesn't have any funny characters or extra spaces/tabs
in it.  I used the same zip file to install on UNIX and Windows.  Anyone
have an idea for me?

    [javac] Compiling 75 source files to /app/build/RMR/build/classes

/app/build/RMR/buildscripts/ Following error
occured while executing this line
/app/build/RMR/buildscripts/ant_compile-project.xml:120: Includesfile
/app/build/RMR/buildscripts/repository.includefile  not found.

<fileset id="common.jars" dir="${common.dir}">
      <includesfile name="${repository.includefile}"
   <fileset refid="common.jars"/>
   <fileset refid="lib.jars"/>

repository.includefile contains the following:

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