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From "Daniels, Doug" <>
Subject Photo Album website generation using ANT
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 04:12:56 GMT

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what external tools I could use with ANT to automate
the building/updating of an online photo album.

Here is the scenario:

I take digital photos every weekend or so and I store them in a directory IE: c:\photos\ThisWeek-2004-07-26

Then I use Dreamweaver/Fireworks to create a Web Photo Album with thumbnails and specified
thumbnails per line etc. It then outputs it to c:\web\photos\ThisWeek-2004-07-26\index.html

So I was thinking it'd be nifty if I could piece together some kind of ANT solution that would
let me do all this by running an ant script in my c:\photos directory that would check if
all my generated albums are up to date, and if not it would generate the necessary ones in

So I've looked into the external tools and I think I'm going to need to use the ANT image
processing tasks from:
Jakarta ANT Image:

Also using FMPP for creating the static HTML pages

I was thinking maybe I could provide some kind of XML style for how each photoalbum should
look like, and be able to change it in the ANT command.

So I was thinking the ANT command would look something like this:

<WebPhotoAlbum src="C:\photos\ThisWeek-2004-07-26" dest="c:\web\photos\ThisWeek-2004-07-26"/>

and then there would be additional optional paramaters for things like: thumbWidth, thumbHeight,
thumbCol, scale (scale original to smaller % version). Maybe even a style="style.xsl" or .xml,
depending on how the photoalbum style is defined.

Then I could use ant-contrib foreach task to loop over every directory in C:\photos, generating

<WebPhotoAlbubm src="${PhotoAlbum}" dest="${destDir}\${AlbumName}"/>

Has anyone attempted anything like this or has any ideas on how I should proceed?

~Doug Daniels

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