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From "Reeves, Paul C" <>
Subject Problems w/ CVS Error Logging - BUG?
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2004 21:49:41 GMT

I am checking out tagged versions of modules from cvs and need to handle the
error that occurs when a tag does not exist.

If I execute the command:

>cvs checkout MODULE -r TAG

in unix (where MODULE is the name of a module in my cvs repository and TAG
is a given tag)

then I get output of the sort

cvs checkout:  cannot find module '-r' ignored
cvs checkout:  cannot find module 'TAG' - ignored

whenever a tag doesn't exist in the repository.  That is all well and good,
since we want to know that.  (Note that the word "error" doesn't appear,

However, if I try the same command using ant's cvs command, then this
portion of the output is lost. 

I've tried using both the error and output, attributes, but neither contain
this output.  As well, the failonerror doesn't catch this condition.

Is this a bug?  Any ideas out there?


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