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From "Craeg Strong" <>
Subject RE: Not a FAQ? make-like build prerequisites
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2004 04:35:27 GMT
Have you looked at the dependset task?

It was designed to fulfill requirements such as the ones you describe.



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> From: Kendall Shaw []
> Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2004 6:21 PM
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> Subject: Not a FAQ? make-like build prerequisites
> Hi, I'm relatively new to ant.
> The reason for looking for a "build system" for me, is to find
> that will only build what needs to be built, otherwise I would simply
> pile a list of commands into a batch file, or write some sort of a
> script to manually do what a build system should automatically do,
> my perspective. Beyond that there are other niceties. Does ant fit
> role?
> For example, how can I code the equivalent of this makefile:
> all:
>        something
> fdsa.ghi
>        somethingelse fdsa.ghi
> where, if the result of running "something" does not need to be
> again, it isn't. if that result does need to be created again, then do
> create it, but before that, check if the result of "somethingelse"
> to be created again, if it doesn't, then don't, otherwise... etc.
> If I have to actually explicitly code the tests, rather then
> rules, then I might as well just use beanshell, perl or python or
> something (or use make, possibly with calls to ant if I'm compiling
> java), or I think I will need to look elsewhere for a build system.
> I've looked into ant on various occasions and never quite gotten an
> answer. I once played with condition and uptodate, and was able to
> manually specify rules to build in a "make-like" way.
> I have not yet tried using antcontrib's outofdate task, from the first
> glance though, it still looks like that would only get me to be able
> manually specify what I think of a build system automatically taking
> care of.
> I figure that this must be a FAQ, and that people should be able to
> guide me easily. I don't see it in the FAQ though, and I haven't
> much of an answer from looking at the list archives. Can you enlighten
> Thanks, in advance.
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