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Subject (resend) Differing JAR file sizes from same ant command
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 19:06:38 GMT
(I'm resending this from a different email account as the first email
I sent from my mailblocks account seems to have vaporized....)

For some reason, when I run ant to build one of our programs, 
the resulting executable jar has a different size every time 
I run the ant command. The size only differs by about 100 bytes, 
and the program runs fine, but it is disconcerting that I can't 
get exactly the same file each time I run the same build command. 
Has anyone else seen this? This build command I use checks 
out stuff from CVS, compiles it, and assembles the JAR using 
a combination of jar, zip, and the "pack" task. 
  --Paul Lynch 

Paul Lynch
Aquilent, Inc.
National Library of Medicine

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