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From "Hill, Richard" <>
Subject RE: How to get subproject file name from within the subproject?
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2004 21:39:20 GMT
The following gets me the full path to the subproject file.

    <property name="FullTestFilePath" value="${ant.file}"/> 

For example, if my path to the test file is
c:\project\suite\TestFile.xml, I would like to extract only the
"TestFile" part of the path (the file name without the extension) and
set it into a property. Currently, are there any Ant tasks would allow
me to parse this information to a property?

ANT: 1.5.4
JDK: 1.4.2_05

Thanks again,

-----Original Message-----
From: Hill, Richard [] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 12:33 PM
Subject: How to get subproject file name from within the subproject?

ANT: 1.5.4
JDK: 1.4.2_05
I have a project that calls a subproject. For example:
<project name="TestProject" default="test">
    <target name="test">
      <ant antfile="TestFile.xml"/>
I would like to get the name of the subproject file (i.e. TestFile.xml)
from a target within the subproject itself. I've accomplished this
before using the optional 'script' task using something like: 
<target name="setupDirectories"> 
  <script language="javascript">
          file = new
MyTestFileProjectName.getProperty("ant.file") );
...but I am have heck of a time with the subproject finding the bsf.jar
and js.jar due to resource conflicts. 
Is there another, easier way to get the subproject file name from within
the subproject itself. 

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