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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: MailLogger stopped working for me going from 1.5.1 -> 1.6.2
Date Thu, 22 Jul 2004 18:05:38 GMT
Collin VanDyck wrote:

> Hello!

Hello Collin,

> Having a bit of a problem -- I needed to switch to Ant 1.6 so that I 
> could use spawn="true" with my exec task, but in the process my 
> MailLogger stopped working.
do you have mail.jar and activation.jar in your classpath when you run ant ?
in principle the maillogger uses the ant internal non javamail 
implementation of sendmail, but not if the user and password properties 
are set,
because ant uses the javamail for authentification.

> I use a .bat file to spawn ant:
> ant -logger 
> convert-7001-to-sqlserver
> And I set my properties in a file that is references in a secondary 
> build file using
> <property file=""/>
> That properties file is defined as:
> MailLogger.from=[omitted]
> MailLogger.user=[omitted]

> MailLogger.password=[omitted]

user and password were not in ant 1.5.1. Do you have SMTP AUTH on your 
SMTP gateway ? If yes, your script could not work in ant 1.5.1.
If you do not have SMTP AUTH, then remove the user and password properties.

> MailLogger.success.subject=Test Environment Build Successful
> MailLogger.failure.subject=Test Environment Build Failure
> MailLogger.mailhost=[omitted]
> The MailLogger is being invoked, because if I comment out these 
> properties, the MailLogger throws an exception saying "No 
>" defined, or something similar.
> However, when my properties are set as such (above), it seems to not 
> even attempt to connect to the MailServer.  If I omit the 
> MailLogger.from property, it connects to the mail server which then 
> sends back a "Cannot relay" message (correctly).
how did you enter your email address ?
from the JavaDoc of the EmailAdress class :
addresses are accepted under these forms :
     *    address
     *    <address>
     *    name <address>
     *    <address> name
     *    (name) address
     *    address (name)

Also, if your mailserver requires SMTP Auth, it might have a requirement 
that the SMTP user be the same as the from address.

> This was working for me OK with 1.5.1. Is there something I'm 
> missing?  I've invoked ant with both -verbose and -debug (separately), 
> but they don't give me any information about what the logger is doing.
In ant 1.6 the new features of email and maillogger compared to ant 1.5 
are support for user, password, ssl, replyto address.

> Thanks for any help!
> Collin

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