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From "Alexey N. Solofnenko" <>
Subject What continuous integration tool would you recommend?
Date Wed, 21 Jul 2004 18:43:17 GMT

  I have a Jython script that constantly watches ClearCase view for 
changes and starts a build. It also sends emails to people who checked 
in files since the last good build and some other "special" people. The 
main difference from what I see is available - is the behaviour of my 
script when a build fails - it waits for some time and then starts 
"smart" build - it tries to certify different subsets of changes 
separately (different people changes, random directories, last chance - 
random files). The script also keeps some statistics in order to be able 
to guess "good" changes better. Plus any builds after a failed build 
execute the last failed target(s) first, to make retries faster (it uses 
patch 21421 plus some not submitted patches for "-sooner" option).

  Now people want some interactivity - stopping builds, web reports, 
disable some people changes via WEB interface,... I guess I could host a 
Jython script within a servlet and deal with the threading issues, but 
maybe there is a solution already that I can adopt to do a similar thing 
that I have already. There are new tools coming every month. Can you 
recommend something for me to look at?

- Alexey.

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