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From Jeffrey Bacon <>
Subject Re: <if>
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 05:56:14 GMT
> Well, it is in the namespace associated with the contrib prefix.
> When Ant detects the possible nested elements of a class and finds
> methods of the appropriate signatures for addXyz, createXyz or
> addConfiguredXyz it will see them as elements named xyz in the same
> namespace as the parent element.
> The Ant-Contrib if task implementation inherits addIsset from Ant's
> ConditionBase class, so Ant sees a nested element isset in the same
> namespace that the if task belongs to.

ah... that makes sense.
(well, you know what I mean =), from an 'I understand' point of view)

>>is there an ETA on Ant 1.6.2 release?
> If nothing serious happens to the beta - it certainly has bugs, there
> are tons of unresolved reports in bugzilla, but if no new serious bug
> comes up - the final release is scheduled for July, 16.[1]

cool, guess I'll just att contrib: in front of it and remove it when I 
get that release.

Funny how we used Ant 1.5 for so long and then when I go to redesign the 
build system I just can't get away from these leading edge Ant features =).

> Stefan
> Footnotes: 
> [1]  <>
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