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From Angeshwar Deepak <>
Subject Problem-using foreach + tidy.jar
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 07:49:33 GMT

I have used a foreach to iterate a directory to search
for html files and tidy them.

The code is as follows

<foreach param="msg" target="run_tidy">
                <include name="**/*.html"/> 

<target name="run_tidy">    
    ********* ${msg}
	<java classname="org.w3c.tidy.Tidy" fork="true" >
		<arg line="-config c:\tidy-config.txt -f errs.txt
-asxhtml -numeric ${msg} " />


It works perfectly fine.
Except for the fact that I cant specify a relative
path for the file tidy-config.txt. i.e. I dont want to
specify the file as c:\tidy-config.txt. But insted as 
${tidy} or so.

I saw an example as follows in the ant webpage

<property name="browser"
<property name="file"

<exec executable="${browser}" spawn="true">
    <arg value="${file}"/>

But this does'nt work for my piece of code.
Please suggest some solution to avoid writing the 
absolute or real path for the file.

with regards,

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