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Subject Re: Photo Album website generation using ANT
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2004 05:30:46 GMT
"Daniels, Doug" <> wrote ..
> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what external tools I could use
> with ANT to automate the building/updating of an online photo album.
> Here is the scenario:
> I take digital photos every weekend or so and I store them in a directory
> IE: c:\photos\ThisWeek-2004-07-26
> Then I use Dreamweaver/Fireworks to create a Web Photo Album with thumbnails
> and specified thumbnails per line etc. It then outputs it to c:\web\photos\ThisWeek-2004-07-26\index.html
> So I was thinking it'd be nifty if I could piece together some kind of
> ANT solution that would let me do all this by running an ant script in
> my c:\photos directory that would check if all my generated albums are
> up to date, and if not it would generate the necessary ones in c:\web\photos.
> So I've looked into the external tools and I think I'm going to need to
> use the ANT image processing tasks from:
> Jakarta ANT Image:
> Also using FMPP for creating the static HTML pages
> I was thinking maybe I could provide some kind of XML style for how each
> photoalbum should look like, and be able to change it in the ANT command.
> So I was thinking the ANT command would look something like this:
> <WebPhotoAlbum src="C:\photos\ThisWeek-2004-07-26" dest="c:\web\photos\ThisWeek-2004-07-26"/>
> and then there would be additional optional paramaters for things like:
> thumbWidth, thumbHeight, thumbCol, scale (scale original to smaller % version).
> Maybe even a style="style.xsl" or .xml, depending on how the photoalbum
> style is defined.
> Then I could use ant-contrib foreach task to loop over every directory
> in C:\photos, generating a 
> <WebPhotoAlbubm src="${PhotoAlbum}" dest="${destDir}\${AlbumName}"/>
> Has anyone attempted anything like this or has any ideas on how I should
> proceed?

the optional <image/> task uses Sun JAI api..which has worked well for me in the past.

gl Jim Fuller

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