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Subject Re: What continuous integration tool would you recommend?
Date Fri, 23 Jul 2004 05:10:55 GMT
> A view is just some directory - nothing special is required. Only 
> generating custom config specs is important, but this is a custom code

u can add custom config specs to your definition of a view directly in anthill pro...

> task. I do not suppose AntHill can try to extract good changes out of 
> the last failed build? Or can it execute different commands depending on

extract good changes out of the last failed build ? I am unsure...if you mean to take those
components that compiled and tested...and perhaps tagged as LAST_GOOD_BUILD then yes.

> previous build failure history (dynamically calculated)? Now how would

yes, u can fire off another build or define custom commands based upon the success or failure
of a build...I tend to have 1 very smart build or many builds...depends on the project and
what state its in...though the general drift goal over time is to have 1 build for each component...

> I 
> teach a commercial product to do it?

yes, Anthill Pro is an expensive build but in relative project cost terms a trivial expense.

...ok enough...people will start thinking I work for the people who make Anthill Pro ! though
I have tried all of them, including building my own with mixtures of Maven, Jelly, jython
and Ant....seems to be the best compromise out of of all of em.

gl in your search and definately inform the list if you find a unique approach.


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