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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject Re: AW: AW: Batch script with arguments
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2004 10:58:38 GMT
--- wrote: 
> What is your environment?
> a) a server and all users are working there (Ant
> runs on the server)
> b) a server and several clients which have a network
> drive (mount) to the
> server
>    (Ant runs locally)
> I think all should be fine with
> ${user.home}/ 

My environment is OK :)) Let the original requestor
comments whether this is useful for him.

> Yes. 
> The scenario would be:
> <project name"test">
>     <property
> file="${user.home}/${}.properties"/>
>     <input message="Enter source directory"
> addproperty="project.src.dir"/>
> </project>
> If there is a "" in the user home
> directory containing that 
> "project.src.dir" key, the input is skipped.
> Otherwise the user is asked.

Yes, I checked that. The prompt appears if and only if
project.src.dir is not set. But I also observed
something else: when the prompt of <input> appeared I
typed ${basedir}/src and the result was that
${basedir} was not expanded in the value of the
property. Here is the the input/output:

    [input] Enter sources dir
${basedir}/src <-- This was entered by me
     [echo] project.src.dir is ${basedir}/src

So do you think that it may be useful if, say,
"expandProperty" attribute is added to the <input>,
controlling whether the properties in the input be

> Jan

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