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From Michael Elmsly <>
Subject SSH Tunnel
Date Sat, 10 Jul 2004 23:55:16 GMT
Hi All,
	I've been knocking around with the idea of using ant to manage
deployments, automated file retrievals (that sort of thing) at work. 
The main driver being that its relatively trivial to set up a standard
build file and the just add properties files for the new
hosts/deployments etc.  The only problem I ran into is that we have a
reasonably tight security policy so most of my hosts are in the dmz
accessed through a bastion host.  
	To get around this I've written an addition to the optional ssh tasks
(SSHTunnel) with allows you to create an ssh tunnel and then execute
nested tasks as required. I'm considering submitting it as an extra
optional task if enough people think it would be useful.  (I guess thats
the question, any interest?) 


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