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From "W. Sean Hennessy" <>
Subject RE: (resend) Differing JAR file sizes from same ant command
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2004 20:06:55 GMT
100 bytes at the .class level or a total of 100 bytes for the "packed" result?

You might discover that the source files are different
if keyword expansion is active for CVS checkout.
One example that comes to mind is where const character strings
embed these keywords to expose source file date and version for verification against
the resulting .class or .obj.  This mechanism is often used with a string search against the
collection of .class files
for a branded string to allow one to collect as-built versions in a manifest.
If the date formatting is such that a difference in date from one build to the next result
in +- one char each .class could add up.

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Sent: Monday, July 19, 2004 12:07 PM
Subject: (resend) Differing JAR file sizes from same ant command

(I'm resending this from a different email account as the first email I sent from my mailblocks
account seems to have

For some reason, when I run ant to build one of our programs, 
the resulting executable jar has a different size every time 
I run the ant command. The size only differs by about 100 bytes, 
and the program runs fine, but it is disconcerting that I can't 
get exactly the same file each time I run the same build command. 
Has anyone else seen this? This build command I use checks 
out stuff from CVS, compiles it, and assembles the JAR using 
a combination of jar, zip, and the "pack" task. 
  --Paul Lynch 

Paul Lynch
Aquilent, Inc.
National Library of Medicine

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