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From Robert Mark Bram <>
Subject Pathconvert question
Date Tue, 22 Jun 2004 00:52:06 GMT
Hi All!

In the docs for the pathconvert task, it says that targetos is required 
*unless* "pathsep and/or dirsep are specified".
The docs for pathsep and dirsep say they are not required because they 
default to current JVM File.pathSeparator and JVM File.separator 

So I tried the following:

<path id="jini.jarfiles.path">
<filelist id="jini.jarfiles"
sun-util.jar" />
<pathconvert property="jinifiles" refid="jini.jarfiles.path"/>

and got this error:
E:\java\JiniHelloWorld\bin\build.xml:123: You must specify at least one of 
targetOS, dirSep, or pathSep

I was hoping to avoid specifying targetos, pathsep and dirsep to keep this 
script as portable as possible.. otherwise I will have to write different 
versions of pathconvert for every OS I hope to support and *then* put in 
some decision making structure in my targets that use the converted path!

Any advice would be most welcome!


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