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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: OutOfMemory and bug #8689
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 07:13:08 GMT
On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, Lee Breisacher <> wrote:

> Bug 8689 describes a situation where ant can get an OutOfMemory
> error.  This is happening to us when we run a JAXB build which
> contains a number of separate JAXB task invocations.

Are you sure it is a classloader issue in your case?  If so, can you
reduce the number of classloader instances created?

OutOfMemory most of the time happens because tasks really need big
chunks of memory.  If your XSLT transformer eats up a GByte for a
given transformation, there isn't anything Ant could do.

Other cases are memory/resource leaks in the task's code (like javac
for some JDKs since Sun's compiler was leaking resources).

In Ant itself, <ant> and <antcall> are the source for most problems
and a leak in AntClassLoader would manifest itself here.  If you are
using lots of <antcall>s you should look into eliminating them,
they've probably become unneeded in 1.6.x (see macrodef for many

> The last proposed fix (from Mike Aizatsky on 2004-03-31) appears to
> have NOT been incorporated yet.

Since it isn't really a fix - as can be seen by the new problems it

> In any case, can someone tell me the status of this bug and
> potential fixes?

AFAIK nobody is actively working on it.


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