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From Theo Mills <>
Subject IO error scanning directory
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 01:33:37 GMT
I searched for a solution for this, but I haven't found one that
works. Here's my build.xml snippet:

    <fileset dir="${deployment.dir}" casesensitive="yes">
	  <include name="**/*"/>
	  <exclude name="**/*cache/**"/>
	  <exclude name="**/*templates_c/**"/>

I would like to exclude these directories and all their contents from
deletion. This works fine when the directories are empty, but when
they have contents it fails with:

build.xml:85: IO error scanning directory /export/www/app/templates_c/%%-21

"%%-21" is a directory that is autogenerated by another process and
its permissions are:

drwxr-x--x  3 apache apache 4096 Jun 29 00:14 %%-21

Now, is there a pattern I can use that will truly ignore these
directories and not attempt a scan on them? I'm quite sure that it's
failing due to permissions. Here are the patterns I've tried, but none
have worked:

<exclude name="**/*templates_c/**"/>
<exclude name="**/*templates_c"/>
<exclude name="**/*templates_c/"/>

I appreciate any help, Thanks!


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