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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: patterns conditionals/macrodef
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 17:36:11 GMT
> From: Shackelford, John-Mason []
> I have tried to be a purist and avoid the antcontrib if task, but it
> doesn't
> appear to be possible to make effective use of macrodef without it. I was
> looking forward to using macrodef to help me solve the classic problem
> wherein one wants to reuse an ant snippet in two different targets, and in
> one target the snippet requires some action first, whereas in the second
> target the action isn't required at all.
> <target name="build" depends="init,clean">
>     <!-- macrodef calls -->
>    <build-jar-deps />
>    <build-jar-no-deps />
> </target>
> <target name="build-no-deps" depends="init,clean">
>     <!-- macrodef calls -->
>     <build-jar-no-deps />
> </target>

How about:

<target name="build" depends="-build, build-no-deps" />

<target name="-build" depends="init,clean">
   <build-jar-deps />

<target name="build-no-deps" depends="init,clean">
    <build-jar-no-deps />

> As soon as a condition is required in one of the macrodefs, the whole
> thing
> falls apart. If I tear out the macrodefs and replace them with targets so
> that I can get the if/unless attributes, I have no alternative but to use
> antcall again, yuck!
> Have the committers have found a pattern which allows them to avoid this
> situation? If not, of the two evils which should I regard as the greater:
> the if task, or the antcall? Is there a solution for this catch-22 on the
> horizon?

<antcall> is evil I think. I use <if> a little, or rather I use its
equivalent built-in to my own tasks. I believe conditions in builds are
natural, and it's a shame Ant still refuses to admit it fully, allowing
conditions in some places but not others, but the greater evil is procedural
builds (as opposed to descriptive / functional ones), and a sure fire sign
of this is <antcall>. --DD

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