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From "Neta Bar Tal" <>
Subject RE: Want javac task to not fail on non-existent src directories
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 14:19:39 GMT

Hi Jeremy,
I did the same . I used <for> of ant-contrib and I'm attaching it here.

<for list="${dynamics}" delimiter=" " param="dir">
			<path id="sources.path.@{dir}">
		      		<fileset dir="${env.CCWSCA}/@{dir}">
		      			 <include name="*.java" />
		     	 <property name="sources.@{dir}"
				<available file="${sources.@{dir}}"

			  	<echo message="Nothing to do for @{dir}"
			 	<echo>compiling package:@{dir}</echo>
			   	<javac debug="${env.JAVA_DEBUG}"
destdir="${env.CCWPA}/classes" failonerror="false"
includeantruntime="false" listfiles="no" optimize="on"
		                   <include name="@{dir}/*.java" />
		            	  <classpath path="${classpath}"/>


The only thing you need to define is the ${dynamics}, which suppose to
hold all your src dirs.


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Saturday: June 19: 2004 1:59 AM
Subject: Want javac task to not fail on non-existent src directories

Hi Folks,

	This should be a simple one:

I need to call the javac task on several src dirs.  In come cases, some
or all of these directories won't exist. 

Right now I have:

                <javac destdir="${build}" debug="true">
                  <src path="${src}"/>
                  <src path="${test}"/>
                  <src path="${itest}"/>
                  <src path="${ptest}"/>
                  <classpath refid="stdclasspath"/>

I get the error "srcdir does not exist." When any of these directories
are missing.  Sometimes all of them will be missing...but for each that
is there, I want to build the files and put them in destdir.

So what's the best way to do this?


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