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From "Kreinick, Michael H." <>
Subject RE: Using Ant to build multitarget mixed C++/Java projects
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 16:44:48 GMT
Thanks for the reply.
>*  Cpptasks was hard to learn because the documentation was less than 
>intuitive at that time.  Also, not as many people used it 
>then.  I've since figured out how it works a little more, though.
I don't know if it's better or not, but I'm not having too much trouble
figuring it out. I got a hello world app running under 2 of my compilers
without incident.
>The last job I had required working with a complicated 
>multipart make file using two platforms.  It became very, very 
>cryptic, IMHO.
Yup. I'm trying to replace a combination of ksh, make, and perl. 
>*  Another downside to Cpptasks, again using the latest official 
>release, is that I couldn't switch GCC compilers as easily.  
>There is no 
>apparent way to specify a compiler version in the build.xml file.  The 
>path needs to be set ahead of time.
This could be a nasty hitch. Could you do something stupid like put a dummy
dir in your path and then make a shellscript in the dummy dir from inside
Ant that just forwards to the compiler you want?

It does look like Ant's the tool for me, but I'm still not sure how I'm
going to handle setting up the various library, compiler, and product
versions in a clean way. Right now I'm thinking about whacking something
together with a gigantic property file, and the foreach and propertyselector
Tasks from ant-contrib. Pull out the lines for each version from the
gigantic property file, and use the results. Anyone have any thoughts?


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