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From "Hardacker, Andrew" <>
Subject RE: National characters filtering problem
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 14:24:08 GMT
Radomir, I think you need to encode your non-ascii characters for Java.

>From Sun:
"The Java compiler and other Java tools can only process files which contain
Latin-1 and/or Unicode-encoded (\udddd notation) characters. native2ascii
converts files which contain other character encodings into files containing
Latin-1 and/or Unicode-encoded charaters." (Spelling verbatim)

# your file run through: native2ascii -encoding UTF8
loc.cmd.ok = OK
loc.cmd.back = \u03a0\u03af\u03c3\u03c9
loc.cmd.pause = \u03a0\u03b1\u03cd\u03c3\u03b7 = \u0395\u03c0\u03b9\u03bb\u03ad\u03be\u03c4\u03b5

There's also an Ant task called, surprise, native2ascii, that I use to
convert localized property files.



-----Original Message-----
From: Radomír Vencek []
Sent: Friday, June 11, 2004 5:40 AM
Subject: National characters filtering problem

Hi all!


I’m using the <copy> task to copy and “nationalize” java source codes of
J2ME application by replacing normal @patterns@. This process is working
properly for most of different national characters.


But some of them are encoded incorrectly.

Just now I want to make Greek port of my application. And here is the
problem – some characters are filtered incorrectly.


I have normal java source:


      public static final String [] cmdsLList =



//          "@loc.cmd.back@",

            "Î ÎŻĎ�ω", // direct greek text „Πίσω“ (binary: ce a0  ce af
cf 83  cf 89)





I have filtering file stored by notepad in UTF-8 encoding:


loc.cmd.ok = OK

loc.cmd.back = Πίσω

loc.cmd.pause = Παύση = Επιλέξτε


And this is the build.xml part copying and nationalizing the source code:


      <copy todir="Temp/Src" flatten="yes" filtering="true"

                  <filterset begintoken="@" endtoken="@">

                        <filtersfile file="Temp/Locales/${bld.loc}.txt"/>


<fileset dir="Src" includes="**/*"/>



And the result is following:

Original java source:




//                      "@loc.cmd.back@",






Copied and filtered java source:



//                      "ΠίÏ?ω",






I can only hope that the characters here in mail are displayed correctly.

If not – please look at - copy of this


The problem is in “loc.cmd.back” string (and ofcourse more more other) in
the σ (sigma) character whis is encoded in UTF-8 as byte sequence 0xcf 0x83,
but after filtering the result file contains bytes 0xcf 0x3f which are not
interpreted and displayed correctly.


BUT the problem occurs also if I directly include the Greek text into the
original java source – this text should NOT be filtered, only copied. But
also in this case the binary representation of the sigma character differs
(the “?” character instead of “ƒ”).


If I comment the filterset task, the file is normaly copied and no change
occurs (ofcourse the @patterns@ are not replaced) and the Greek text is
displayed correctly.





I’m working on Windows XP Professional version 2002 with Service Pack 1 and
I’m using ant 1.5.3.





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