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From Wascally Wabbit <>
Subject Re: Ant BuildFileTest [on Gump]
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 13:59:33 GMT
Can you run the tests in Eclipse without the GUMP stuffage?

At 09:15 AM 6/3/2004, you wrote:
>I've seen one posting here about OutOfMemory, and I have no idea if this is
>related, but I have a problem (see atached mail for more details) when I run
>BuildFileTest unit tests inside a JUnit run by Ant on Gump. I can't seem to
>test anything inside Eclipse, due to Ant version mismatches (I beleive), but
>I can run the tests (outside of BuildFileTest, i.e. normal ant) on

If you use BuildFileTest as the foundation of JUnit-based Ant tests you do
need a *lot* of memory to run your tests, but once you've alloted enuf to
both the standalone JUnit runners and the Eclipse runtime (see the "Run
Configurations") you should not have problems. I run hundreds of tests each
loading a project (sometimes multiple times) and haven't had a problem in
Eclipse, JUnit, or Ant standalone. Tests need lots of memory (and stack
space if you do lots of regular expressions) but work ok (if slowly). My
setup is like:
    [Eclipse: Ant 1.5.3, JDK 1.3.1_03, -Xms16m -Xmx100m]
    [My Task Requirements: Ant 1.6.1, JDK 1.4.1]
    [Run Config for 100's tests: -Xms10m -Xmx150m] <<--- !!!

Try running a SINGLE TESTCASE w/ a specific debug configuration that
gives it lots of memory (as in mucho more that it should ever need).
Then step through your task's execute() method if possible.

As to the Ant-version mismatch. I don't think that's your problem.
CurrentlyI use Ant 1.6.1 tests (based on BuildFileTest) with
Eclipse 2.x (Ant 1.5.3) and have had no problems. It's all in the
classpath configuration for your project/run configurations.

>[That said, I suspect
>BuildFileTest is spooling output (perhaps copious) to memory, so maybe the
>issue is there.]

Unless you've changed the source, this class (specifically) should not
spool much output. It does *CAPTURE* output to memory based string
buffers, so if your tasks or the Ant runtime is going nuts, BuildFileTest
will faithfully try to capture all of output for your subsequent

>Any thoughts on how I debug this?

Hope this helps.


The Wabbit 

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