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From Gregory Gimler <>
Subject separate jvms
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 22:57:51 GMT
I have a question about starting up java processes on separate JVMs.  I 
have some unit tests that require certain services to be up and running 
before testing.  I thought the <java fork="yes"> option would have done the 
trick but what happens is it runs my daemon and stops there and doesn't 
execute any more ant tasks until I CTRL-C the daemon.  So I did the 
spawn="yes" option and that did the trick.  The daemon started up, my unit 
tests then ran, and the build finished successfully.  However, then I still 
had the daemon running in the background (something I don't want).  Is this 
a bug or is there another way to do this with fork?  Thanks.


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