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From Scott Sauyet <>
Subject Re: Alternatives to Ant's XML Syntax
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 17:09:49 GMT
Jacob Kjome wrote:
> I think the idea of having an alternative syntax is a nice exercise, but not
> entirely useful.  As verbose as XML is, it has served Ant well, as evidenced by
> the ubiquity of Ant as *the* build tool (at least for Java).  If a side project
> wants to come up with a working model using another syntax, great, but I, for
> one, won't be encouraging the core developers to spend even a second thinking
> about this.  It doesn't add functionality and it won't necessarily improve a
> build writer's experience, since most are used to the XML format and not another
> arbitrary one.

Yes and no.  I think that likely you can't get there from here, but that 
it would be better to be there if you could.  I agree that it has 
nothing to do with the core of Ant, and that the core developers 
shouldn't spend any time on it.  But I think it likely would improve the 
writer's experience.  If the syntax was significantly simpler it would 
be quicker and easier to tweak a build file, and it would be much easier 
to build a new one from scratch.  It was my role as the maintainer of 
build files that had me thinking about it.

But still, I don't see myself spending the time on this, and if I, who 
brought the issue forward can't be bothered, I can't imagine anyone else 
would be either.

   -- Scott

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