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From Scott Sauyet <>
Subject Re: Alternatives to Ant's XML Syntax
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 17:09:44 GMT
Demyanovich, Craig - Apogent wrote:
> As soon as I read the first few lines of your post, I was reminded of Martin
> Fowler's bliki entry, BuildLanguage:
>  I haven't thought about
> these ideas much, but there are people out there who either find Ant syntax
> unappealing or who find it not expressive enough for their complex builds.
> Have a look.

I hadn't seen the Fowler piece, but I'd read the Bruce Eckel one he 
quotes and the James Duncan Davidson one quoted by Eckel.  While I think 
they are right about the utility of a full-fledged scripting language in 
a build system, that wasn't my concern here.  The main problem is the 
noise of XML.  Not that I really expect anyone to do anything about it; 
I'd been hoping that someone already had.

   -- Scott

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