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From Igor Pasemnik <>
Subject property gets passed when <ant inheritALL="false" ...> specified
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 23:02:47 GMT

there was a similar issue posted earlier about properties being passed 
from parent to child builds, however <subant ...> was considered and it 
was not reproducible.

Anyway, I'm wondering whether anybody has encountered this before and/or 
has a solution, or simply sees what is wrong with my build 
infrastructure (1.6.1 ant).

I have a top level build.xml that calls sequentially build.xml found in 
${components} property, sub directories.

Some component in ${components} depends on others being already build, a 
simple dependency, so, this component's build infrastructure calls the 
top level build.xml and supplies ${components} list to be build, to 
reflect the dependency.

When the top level build.xml tries to build these components (that other 
component depends on), one of them has its own sub components and it 
re-uses ${components} property, which should be overwritten by its own 
list, however it inherits this ${comments} property from the top level 
build.xml, which is wrong.

Anyway, to make the story short I've included *.tar.gz file which 
contains a simple build infrastructure to exemplify this, it does not 
really build anything.

Thanks in advance.

Igor Pasemnik, Software Engineer

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