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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Alternatives to Ant's XML Syntax
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 17:19:55 GMT
Many of the suggested syntax alternatives look
promising... the Ant committers continually monitor
this and the developer list and will most likely be as
forthcoming with advice on this subject as any.  Since
I am personally interested in the subject I can say
that I will do my best to ensure that issues found
regarding Ant's internal ties to XML do not interfere
with external ProjectHelper implementations.  What
that means is that if you are working on such a
project and there is some fundamental incompatibility
preventing a real-world ProjectHelper implementation
from being completed, file a bugzilla report and I
will try to fix it.  Maybe that's not much, but I
always feel that with open-source projects you've got
to be willing to meet the developers halfway, which of
course is what got me here for good or ill.  ;)


--- Scott Sauyet <> wrote:
> Demyanovich, Craig - Apogent wrote:
> > As soon as I read the first few lines of your
> post, I was reminded of Martin
> > Fowler's bliki entry, BuildLanguage:
> > 
> I haven't thought about
> > these ideas much, but there are people out there
> who either find Ant syntax
> > unappealing or who find it not expressive enough
> for their complex builds.
> > Have a look.
> I hadn't seen the Fowler piece, but I'd read the
> Bruce Eckel one he 
> quotes and the James Duncan Davidson one quoted by
> Eckel.  While I think 
> they are right about the utility of a full-fledged
> scripting language in 
> a build system, that wasn't my concern here.  The
> main problem is the 
> noise of XML.  Not that I really expect anyone to do
> anything about it; 
> I'd been hoping that someone already had.
>    -- Scott
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