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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject How to check if a file exist
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 10:08:27 GMT
Dear Colleagues,

I have the following problem. I am passing a simple
properties file to a java program (with <arg
file="...">), which I invoke it via my build.xml. But
before calling the program I want to check whether the
properties file exist and if not, <fail> the build. I
thought it would be easy with Ant, but it seems that
there is no <condition> that checks the
existence/presence of a file.

After a little hunting I found that <whichresource> is
doing alomost what I want and I made it work in this
<whichresource resource="/"
    <classpath path="${basedir}"/>
<fail message="The files with build numbers does not
exist. Build will stop"	unless="buildnum.exist"/>

This of course only proofs, that there aren't
impossible things for me and Ant (except that Ant
cannot make coffee so I have to make it myself), but
don't you think that adding another condition say
<filepresent file="name_of_file"
property="property_to_set"> or extending <available>
task to support filename attribute, not only

Regards Ivan

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