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From MCG QA <>
Subject PVCS and Ant : Cannot access DB on NT from a Unix Server
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 14:02:20 GMT
I know this may have nothing to do with Ant. But I'm
hoping somebody may have an answer for my problem.

We use PVCS Version 6.7 that sits on a Windows 2000
file server. We have a big application sitting on
Solaris and we have Ant scripts for making and
deploying the build on Unix. As a part of the process,
we currently get latest from PVCS and make a build in
one of the Ant's Build tasks. This task runs allright,
without any problems on Windows environment. We tried
to port the scripts to Unix and we run into problems.
We found some software that mounts Windows drives on
Unix, and using this software, we can get individual
files from command line, but cannot use Ant's <pvcs >
task to get files as it looks for the configuration
file on Windows server, instead of using the
configuration file provided by me using the
<config=''> option in the <pvcs > task. See the
snippet below :

	 <target name="pvcsGetLatest" depends ="init">
		<echo message="Get Latest Version from PVCS" /> 
		<pvcs config="/export/home/pvcs_usr/MHHE/vcs.cfg"

The error message I get on running <pvcs > task from

[pvcs] Copyright 1985-2000 
MERANT. All rights reserved. 
[pvcs] Warning: Problem with directive on line 0 in
- ignored. The line read was: 

Issue # 2. If I do a "get" (and not use Ant's <pvcs >
task), I have to manually create the fodler structure
of the application. Ant's <pvcs > does that on windows
automatically. How do I get this done on unix?

Any hints please?

Thanks in advance

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