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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject RE: Help with JUnit
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 07:27:57 GMT
Hello Gregory,

--- Gregory Gimler <> wrote:
> What this actually does is call upon my highest
> level test suite and runs 
> all of my tests.  I wrote a custom ant task to
> autogenerate test suites for 
> every package that contains any unit tests
> and then does a depth first search on any suites in
> those packages and 
> links them with higher level suites.  This gives me
> the versatility to 
> specify just a subset of my tests by specifying a
> different test suite 
> without the fear that I might have forgotten to add
> a unit test or two to 
> one of the suites (that's guaranteed from my custom
> task that I don't 
> forget any).  So the ${test-suite} variable is the
> fully qualified
> class name of the test suite I want to run.

I also have the problem that I forget from time to
time to add some tests to my test suites, but it never
came to my mind that I can write ant task for test
suite generation and then start only the suite that
interests me. I would be very grateful if you post
your ant task or give more details on it.

Regards Ivan

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