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From Kyle Korndoerfer <>
Subject webdoclet & fileset not working correctly
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 19:56:35 GMT
Sorry if this seems like a newbie question...

(We are using Ant v1.6.1, XDoclet v1.2.1, & Struts v1.1)

We are using the Webdoclet task from XDoclet to build our
struts-config.xml file, but are having some problems using a FileSet to
select the files that contain XDoclet tags for processing.

Brief overview...

- Several classes named ...\form\*
- Several classes named ...\action\* that are all children
of ...\Action\
- Since is just a base class (and therfore doesn't contain
any XDoclet tags) our FileSet doesn't include it.
- When we run the webdoclet task, we get a lexical error for the file and the resulting struts-config.xml file is missing
data from other files

========== BEGIN: build.xml snippet ====================

<webdoclet force="true"
    <fileset dir="${src.home}">
        <include name="**/*" />
        <include name="**/*" />
    <!-- build the deployment descriptor -->
    <deploymentdescriptor servletspec="2.3"
        validateXML="true" />
    <!-- build the Struts Config file -->
    <strutsconfigxml version="1.1" 
        validateXML="true" />


========== END: build.xml snippet ====================

========== BEGIN: Ant output ====================

[webdoclet] (XDocletMain.start                   47  ) Running
[webdoclet] Generating web.xml.
[webdoclet] Error parsing File
C:\<...snip...>\action\ error:
xjavadoc.TokenMgrError: Lexical error at line 191, column 17. 
Encountered: <EOF> after : ""
[webdoclet] (XDocletMain.start                   47  ) Running
[webdoclet] (TemplateSubTask.engineStarted       794 ) Generating
output 'struts-config.xml' using template file

========== END: Ant output ====================

It looks like the file is being included because it is the
parent of all the other Action classes (...\action\* If
this is the case, can it be prevented?

If it isn't the case, what IS happening and how can we prevent it?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be given!

- Kyle

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