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From "Antoine Levy-Lambert" <>
Subject Re: IO error scanning directory
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2004 08:39:01 GMT
Hello Theo,
in DirectoryScanner (the class which implements the scanning of a fileset),
there is something to stop scanning if you have an exclude pattern like this
<exclude name="foo/bar/**"/>
when foo/bar is encountered, the scanning does not go further.
but if the pattern is
<exclude name="**/bar/**"/>
the same mechanism is not used.
I think we should change this in the source of ant.

Now if you can list explicitly all the directories where you do not want to
then maybe you can avoid this problem.


> I searched for a solution for this, but I haven't found one that
> works. Here's my build.xml snippet:
> <delete>
>     <fileset dir="${deployment.dir}" casesensitive="yes">
> 	  <include name="**/*"/>
> 	  <exclude name="**/*cache/**"/>
> 	  <exclude name="**/*templates_c/**"/>
>     </fileset>
> </delete>
> I would like to exclude these directories and all their contents from
> deletion. This works fine when the directories are empty, but when
> they have contents it fails with:
> build.xml:85: IO error scanning directory
> /export/www/app/templates_c/%%-21
> "%%-21" is a directory that is autogenerated by another process and
> its permissions are:
> drwxr-x--x  3 apache apache 4096 Jun 29 00:14 %%-21
> Now, is there a pattern I can use that will truly ignore these
> directories and not attempt a scan on them? I'm quite sure that it's
> failing due to permissions. Here are the patterns I've tried, but none
> have worked:
> <exclude name="**/*templates_c/**"/>
> <exclude name="**/*templates_c"/>
> <exclude name="**/*templates_c/"/>
> I appreciate any help, Thanks!
> -Theo

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