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From "Gary Eberhart" <>
Subject RE: Deployment Question
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 19:13:36 GMT

>do you expect the files to be changed both at the local and at the
>remote end ?

No. This is to deploy new files to the remote sites. No files from the
remotes systems will be sent back.

>do you expect files to be deleted at the remote end and do you want to
>delete them at the remote end too ?

Eventually. I would be nice if the remote site did not contain files that
are no longer needed.

> why do you say you do not want to depend on timestamps ?
My remote systems are AS/400's located across many time zones. My testing
with the FTP task and others have proven to me that the files systems or
times on these systems do not allow normal dependency checking to work at

>If you have a situation where the files are only changed at the local
>end and you are not deleting files at the local end,
>then you could ftp send a fileset restricted by the date selector, using
>as boundary date the timestamp of the last send.

Interesting Idea. I'm afraid of someone manually updating something and this
process not being reliable. However, this is worth more consideration.

>Another interesting selector for you is the modified selector, which has
>been introduced in ant 1.6 and works with md5 values,
>or other algorithms.
This sounds the most promising. I saw this selector but could not understand
how it would work against my remote files with out transmitting the remote
files back to my local system. An example of how this works would be greatly

Thank you for all this great information!



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