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Subject Re: out of memory with javac
Date Thu, 06 May 2004 03:23:48 GMT


All my source files lie flat in one directory, i.e., we do not simulate the
package hierachy in the source file directory. There are 844 files.
I have tried using the WebSphere javac, as well as those provided by
Sun(versions 1.2 and 1.3), but to no avail.


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Hello CR,
can you say how many java files you work with? Are
they really so many?
As for yor shell command
javac -J-mx1000000000 -d $TEMP_SOURCE *.java,
I think that *.java will take only the java files in
the current dir and not all files in the package
hieararchy and thus the shell command will compile
only a part of the sources. Of course this is not an
answer to your problem. I also saw that you are using
Can you try without it?


--- wrote:
> Hi,
> The following is a code snippet from my build file
>    <javac
>                         fork="true"
>                         memoryMaximumSize="1000m"
> executable="${was4.home}/java/bin/javac"
>                         tempdir="${basedir}/TEMP"
>                 srcdir="${basedir}/APP/SOURCES"
> destdir="
> ${basedir}/APP/CLASSES" >
>                 <classpath >
>                 <path refid="build.classpath" />
>                 </classpath>
>         </javac>
> This task fails with an out-of-memory exception.
> However, the equivalent command on the shell prompt
> works without a hitch -
> javac -J-mx1000000000 -d $TEMP_SOURCE *.java.
> I have even tried the following alternatives
> 1. Running javac within the Ant JVM ( fork = "false"
> )  and setting the
> maximum heap size via ANT_OPTS.
> 2. Running javac using the exec task and specifying
> the heap size as the
> argument(-J-mx2000000000).
> Nothing works; I am frankly at my wits' end. Is
> forking the problem here?
> Any help would be much
> appreciated.
> Regards,
> CR
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