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Subject Re: How to change classpath for two targets of same build?
Date Fri, 28 May 2004 16:59:01 GMT
The problem occurs when I try to load a document into a variable in my xsl 
  <xsl:variable name='sunxml' select='document($sundd)' />

The URL that is being resolved is the document named by $sundd variable.

Thinking that the problem might be caused by /../ relative entry in the 
path, I changed my test case to one that does not use relative names, and 
got the same failure with an absolute path name.

So, I changed the xsl as follows:
  <xsl:variable name='sunxml' select='document(concat("/",$sundd))' />

Prefixing the file name solved the problem.  So it now appears that there 
is no conflict with the resolver and XSLT task, but there certainly is a 
need for an error message that is a bit more clear than what I was 
getting.  I suspect this is an xerces/resolver issue, not an ANT problem.

Thanks for all the help.  I guess I should post this to the xerces list to 
let them know that the parser fails on this when using resolver.


Stefan Bodewig <>
05/28/2004 09:33 AM
Please respond to "Ant Users List"

        Subject:        Re: How to change classpath for two targets of same build?

On Fri, 28 May 2004, michael giroux <>

> Hope this helps.

I think so, thanks.

> Malformed URL
> file://C:/GIROUX/JOnAS/TCK_DD_Porting_Tool/) at

So Xalan uses the resolver and finds a catalog entry that it is not
willing to deal with.

Have you specified this entry in a catalog file somewhere?  If so, try
making it a legal file:// URL, it may make Xalan happy.


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