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From "Chuck Daniels" <>
Subject Online API
Date Wed, 26 May 2004 05:10:10 GMT
Hi all,

Sorry, I don't know how to continue an old thread, but this is a
continuation of the following thread from the archive:

As noted in that thread, there are no online API docs at (which is a link from the online
Ant manual).  Following the url redirects you to a page that indicates that
the url
is the url for the API docs corresponding to the latest code and that the
docs are generated by Gump.

Unfortunately, there are no docs to be found there.  However, that's the
lesser problem.  The greater problem is that there are no version-specific
online API docs, as is standard with anything else.  That is, there are no
distinct online docs for each version of Ant, such as Ant 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6,
only for the latest build (theoretically at

The problem with this is that I cannot generate links from my own javadocs
to the Ant javadocs online.  Even if the docs were available at nagoya, I
don't want to link to the docs for the latest build.  Rather, I want to link
to the docs for a specific version of Ant.  Again, this is standard
procedure for anything else, so why does Ant not publish the API docs online
for each version (or at least the latest 2 or 3 versions)?


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