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From "EJ Ciramella" <>
Subject deployments...
Date Fri, 21 May 2004 15:07:31 GMT
How are people handling deployments?  Currently, we're using exploded directory structures
(both in dev and in prod).  I'd like to see us get on the ear/war boat, but the biggest complaint
is that it takes too long to see a change to a single jsp file (putting the jsp in the war
and then putting the war in the ear takes about 2.5 min).

Our opts team is using centerrun for deploying to various environments, their complaint about
the exploded directory structure is that it takes too long to check in the thousands of files
needed to run.  But with an ear, there's only one large file to check in and out.

How have people solved this?  I'm thinking that maybe the build should have a flag (bld.type=dev
or prod).  If the flag is set to dev, the build would just the changes to an exploded directory
structure that mimics the ear/war file structure.  If the build is of type prod, it will just
war/ear up the components.

I really don't like this scenario, I'd like to see a developer (in an extreme emergency) be
able to hand opts an ear or war file for deployment (say the build machine catches fire).

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