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From <>
Subject Re: UpperCase example - succesful
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 11:43:41 GMT
Yessssss, Peter, thanx very much ... it was the right shot :)
	... it really worx with rhino 1.5R3.


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From: Peter Reilly [] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 1:38 PM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: UpperCase example by JanMaterne

Please read

You need to use rhino 1.5R3 with the current bsf jar.
and not the latest version of rhino.

You could also try beanshell 2.0 beta 1;

       <scriptdef name="upper" language="beanshell">
          <attribute name="prop"/>
          <attribute name="val"/>
      </scriptdef> wrote:

>Hello there,
>	I've problems with example by Jan Materne :(
>	(I'm a beginner with ANT and Java so I may only bad understand the example)I made this
>Because the task <scriptdef> needs BeanScriptingFramework,I downloaded bsf.jar.
>The script fell because it can't find  class  org.mozilla.javascript.JavaScriptException
 - also I downloaded js.jar from - the Latest build.
>But now it's falling because it can't find  in the js.jar method Context.getDebuggableContext();
  (the class really doesn't contains the method). But the older releases of Rhino js.jar don't
contain any other classes (bex.: debut.debugger)
>How can I run the example without complication and what I need to?
>Thanx 4 your help.
>		Milan
>  The ant code:
> <target name="uc">
>       <scriptdef name="upper" language="javascript">
>          <attribute name="prop"/>
>          <attribute name="val"/>
>				project.setNewProperty(attributes.get("prop"),attributes.get("val").toUpperCase());
>      </scriptdef>
>       <property name="prop1 " value=" hello world"/> 
>       <echo message="before: ${prop1}"/> 
>       <upper property="prop2" value="${prop1}"/>
>       <echo message="after: ${prop2}"/> 
>   </target>
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