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From Jens Riboe <>
Subject Maven style dependency list in Ant
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 07:40:58 GMT

I've recently jumped off the Maven band-wagon, because it imposes too much
extra work every time one has do something non-standard, etc... more 

Anyway, there are indeed some good thoughts in it, IMHO, and I which to 
use these in Ant. I really appreciate the dependency/download idea and 
the report/site
generation support.

I bite the bullet and hacked a dependency list Ant task.
Here is a snippet showing what you can do

<dependencylist dir="${build.dir}/cache">
        <localrepository dir="${repo.dir}"/>
        <mavenrepository url=""/>


More info can be found at

Comments/suggestions/complaints are welcome.

BTW. I still use Maven's report/site generation, and will continue that, 
until I either find
an Ant task with similar capability or implemented my own. Anyone 
knowing about ongoing
effort to mimic report/site generation in Ant?

    Jens Riboe

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