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From Pritesh saharey <>
Subject Automating Build and Testing process
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 05:41:10 GMT
Hi All,
I am going to automate the whole process from building the product to testing it, and this
is what my approch will be,
1) As soon as you run ant command, it will get the latest source code from StarTeam(Which
will be on remote m/c) to the local m/c
2) After getting the latest code to the local m/c, this ant command will run the builder.xml
file of source code
3)This builder.xml file will compile the source code and will build the product and the final
output will be 2 executable file,
one will be ABCwin32.exe for windows and another will be ABClinux.bin for Linux(Red Hat 8
& 9), this will be achived by using
4) After these executables are created these files will be transfered to Client Linux and
Client Window m/c, 
5) When these files are transfered to there specific folders to there Client m/c's, then manually
you have to again run an ant command
which will execute these ABCwin32.exe and  ABClinux.bin on there respective client m/c's and
will install the product on the client.
here is the issue How will i check through ant that the product is fully installed? and now
will have to proceed for next step?
6)After installation is completed i will run the Rational RobotJ scripts already prepared
and will do the funcational testing, covering
all the senirios
Everything will be automated no manula intrection will be there, all processes will be done
using ANT.

Can anybody give me there inputs on this, does anyone has done this kind of end-to-end, system
level testing, if anyone has done such
process in there projects please share the knowledge with me, i will be highly obliged, please
share your views, i will be thankful to you

Pritesh Saharey
Software Engineer

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