I understand that many of the people on this list are using "native ant"
without using WSAD (Studio Application Developer) in its headless or GUI mode.

That said, several years ago I wrote the Developers Domain articles on how
to use WSAD 'headless' to do Ant builds (ejbDeploy, EarExport, etc).
At that time it was just for 'interest' and was not related to my job, but
it was widely read and remains widely used for WSAD Ant builds (and all
of those initial AntTasks have since been incorporated directly into WSAD).

I have a new job at IBM and am responsible for enhancing the WSAD ability
to do automated (unattended) production builds, and production deployments.
I know we need an 'importProject' AntTask, and can envision several others.
BUT, I would rather get real requirements from current production builders.
- This includes WSAD AntTask additions, and WAS AntTask additions
  = Including running the WAS AntTasks inside WSAD GUI/Headless
- It also includes Ant callable JACL/Jython scripts for common tasks
  = for example, setting WAS StartWeight or ClassloaderMode during deploy

So, please reply to this note, and CC me directly, with your requirements.
Also, try to separate "Required" from "Desirable" enhancements.

Barry Searle,    searle@ca.ibm.com,  905-413-4020
"Architect, WebSphere Tools for Automated Production Build and Deployment".