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From Willie Wheeler <>
Subject Style task does not fail fast
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2004 17:24:13 GMT
Hi all,

	I hope this is the right list to which to post.  :-)
	The style task under Ant 1.6.1 does not fail fast, in at least
certain error conditions.  For example, I just spent about half an hour
debugging a stylesheet.  It turned out that I'd written


instead of


	Ant does in fact catch the error (it reports

[style] C:/cygwin/home/wwheeler/oli/logic-1.0/omdoc/omdoc2oli.xsl:116:29:
Er ror! xsl:apply-tempaltes is not allowed in this position in the

as it's doing the build), but then the build just continues.  And when the
message is buried among hundreds of lines of other messages, it is easy
for it to go by unnoticed.  It seems to me that an error like that ought
to stop the build.  I think in earlier versions of Ant it stopped the


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