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Subject Re: Exec task in Ant 1.6.1
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 13:48:21 GMT
Hi Rhino,

Have you tried putting all your tasks in a script file (.bat on Win32) and 
execute that script file from Ant?

Nick G.

"Rhino" <>
04/14/2004 09:36 AM
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        To:     "ant-user" <>
        Subject:        Exec task in Ant 1.6.1

Is it possible for an Exec task in Ant 1.6.1 to execute two or more 
commands in the same task?
I am trying to take something that I do at the Windows XP command prompt 
and do it within an Ant script. Specifically, I do this:
- launch a Windows XP command prompt via Start/All 
Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt 
- enter the following at the command prompt: db2cmd [This initializes the 
DB2 command line environment, making the next commands possible; they 
don't work at a normal command prompt.]
- enter the following at the DB2 command prompt: db2 connect to sample
- enter the following at the DB2 command prompt: db2 comment on specific 
procedure income_proc is 'xyz'
I've tried pretty much everything you could imagine to imitate this in Ant 
but it never quite works. 
Unfortunately, although there are some DB2 commands that don't need a 
database connection before they will work, most DB2 commands *do* need a 
database connection, including the commands that I need to run. I think I 
need to get the connection and execute the command within the same task, 
although I could be wrong about that; perhaps I could get away with 
getting the connection in one task and then keep it open throughout the 
next task, which could contain the next command.
Am I trying to do the impossible or have I just used the wrong technique?
I'd really appreciate any suggestions that would help me get this working.
rhino1 AT sympatico DOT ca
"If you're getting something for nothing, you're not using your own credit 

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