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Subject Antwort: RE: Antwort: Performing unattended daily builds with WebSphere Studio and Ant
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 07:40:08 GMT


we split up our build scripts, too. And I see the benefits by providing the
devlepers such an aid, i would be happy if I can provide such a solution to
our developers.
First, main reason why I do not choose your way was the time comsuming
generation of the ejb's deployment code. Whe have around 16 EJB-jars, 3
Util-Jars, 1 Client-Jars, 1 EAR and 2 WARs.
The 16 EJBs contains around 50 Entity-Beans, 5 Message-Beans and 30
Sessions-Beans. Running a full build (refresh vom source control, compile,
deployment code, creating jar) took around 45 minutes.
A very long time to take your coffee ;-)


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I think it depends on your environment and what phase the project is going
through as to how useful and how often you need to run them, and of course
your process.

We use ANT quite a lot and from within WSAD as a development aid.  You can
compile, build dependency JARs, EJB deploy code, etc from within the tool
... but you have to sit there and do it (or configure the tool to do it).
We have a few people doing different parts of an application ... a
developer can come in in the morning and run a task to refresh from the
source control system (clearcase in our case), regenerate all that is
needed (other people change their EJB interfaces, add new schemas that
require JAXB generation, and change code) and recompile ... and go get
their coffee in the meantime.  It's done the same every time ... no
forgetting to compile (or fully recompile) this part or regenerate some
other part.

The tasks are split up so that just the item you want can be run (we also
have other generations such as JAXB being peformed from the ANT scripts).
Extra tasks such as some static code checking, unit test execution, and
reports can also easily be run from here.  Then there is a task that can
deploy the EAR to the target environment, which calls upon the other tasks
to do it's job.  For our developers, it's a great way to get things done.

Just another viewpoint on how things can be done.

<= Alex =>

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>Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 9:48 AM
>To: Ant Users List
>Subject: Antwort: Performing unattended daily builds with
>WebSphere Studio and Ant
>why should I use the Wesphere Studio (WSAD) as environment for
>my daily builds ? I did not see any benefits.
>We are using WAS (Websphere applicationsever) as application
>server and WSAD as IDE. The developers are doing their builds
>within the WSAD without any buildscripts. Our nightly builds
>and our relase builds are done using some core ant tasks
>(compile, jar, war, ear) and some of the optional tasks ( ftp,
>clearcase-task) . The generation and compilation of the
>ejb-deployment-code is done using websphere specific tasks
>provided within the WAS.
>I tried to reuse our build scripts within the IDE to support
>the build of the developers, but I did not see any benefinits:
>The generation of the deployment code tooks too long to be
>done during every build. So the developer generate the
>deployment code only when necessary. The generation of the
>jar, war, ear files are done automatically by WSAD, so the
>developers do not need the ant tasks. And the developers do
>not need the whole ear. By using only selected components we
>decreased the startup time of the internal Websphere Test
>Environment dramatically. So only the compilation is left
>behind, but this can be done easily by using Refresh oder
>using the rebuild all/ rebuild project.
>We are using ant scripts, to schedule our builds on a regular
>basis. Then we need to be sure that the latest sources are
>compiled. We also need to be sure that the deployment code is
>generated using the latest soures.

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