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Subject Re: ?? Available Task ??
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2004 15:02:17 GMT


Although a <fileset> cannot be nested in a <pathconvert>, your general idea
allowed me to solve the problem...


                      "Matt Benson"
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                                               Subject:  Re: ?? Available Task
                      04/30/2004 09:32
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--- wrote:
> I'm probably using the "available" task incorrectly.
> Basically, I want to
> set a property if a file whose name matches a
> pattern is found.
> Here is what I have, which does not work:
> <available property="class.files.exist"
>            classpathref="classesDir"
>            file="test\hcsc\**\*_Trigger.class"/>
> I am trying to set the property if any file matching
> the "*_Trigger.class"
> pattern exists *anywhere* in the directory
> structures.

<available> was not designed with wildcards in mind...
that said, in this particular case, you could work
around something like this:

<pathconvert property="class.files.exist"
             pathsep=" ">
includes="test\hcsc\**\*_Trigger.class" />



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